OpenDKIM v2.1.0 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 07:30:26 -0700 (PDT)

The OpenDKIM project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.1.0, now available
for download from SourceForge.

This is a major new feature release. The main new features include:

        o Caching and piggybacking of LDAP queries to reduce duplicate
          work and congestion.

        o A complete reworking of the statistics gathering and reporting
          code to (a) be more useful to installations and (b) assist the
          data gathering effort of the DKIM working group.

        o Improvements with the ResignMailTo feature.

        o Added a new data set type, "lua", which allows a Lua script to
          take the place of a database query.

        o The final Lua processing script can now add header fields to

        o Ten command line flags were removed since they are redundant to
          the configuration file for general usage.

        o "opendkim-genzone" can now take a KeyTable as input.

In addition, there were several log message improvements and configuration
file halding fixes made to the filter, and there was one extension and a fix
applied to libopendkim.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version:

2.1.0 2010/06/07
        Feature request #SF2964369: Add _FFR_LDAP_CACHING to cache and share
                common LDAP queries using an internal query cache for
                better optimization of LDAP resources.
        Feature request #SF2964378: Overhaul statistics collection code
                enabled by "--enable-stats". See stats/README for details.
        Feature request #SF2964380: Do some limited pattern matching for
        Feature request #SF2964381: The value in the ResignMailTo data set
                can now name a key in the KeyTable to use when re-signing
                a message.
        Feature request #SF2964388: Add a "lua" dataset type.
        Feature request #SF3007640: Add odkim.add_header() function, available
                to the final script.
        Log more information when loading data from the KeyTable fails.
        Remove several command line options that are redundant to the
                configuration file and not useful in test mode. These
                include: -a, -C, -h, -i, -I, -m, -M, -P, -R and -U.
        Add support for draft-kucherawy-authres-header-b.
        Properly deal with critical errors from libdb that otherwise lead to a
                descriptor leak (because the close operation fails).
                Reported by Warren Horvath; data provided by Graham Murray.
        Don't allow Domain without KeyFile and Selector, which causes an
                assertion failure when calling dkim_sign(). Problem noted
                by Todd Lyons.
        Fix configuration logic around DontSignMailTo that prevented it from
                working. Reported by Warren Horvath.
        CONTRIB: Patch #SF3010443: Improvements to opendkim.init and
                opendkim.spec from Kaspar Brand.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Add dkim_get_sigsubstring(), required for "header.b"
                production on Authentication-Results: header fields.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Initialize canon_buf in dkim_add_canon() to avoid
                a garbage dereference later during an abort.
        STATS: Add "stats" subdirectory including tools for collecting
                and reporting aggregated statistics.
        TOOLS: Feature request #SF2964364: Have opendkim-genzone use
                the KeyTable if defined in a provided configuration file.

Please use the mailing lists at to report problems.
Bug reports and feature requests can be made through the project trackers,
which can be found via

Thanks go out to the members of the OpenDKIM team and to all of those who
contributed code, testing effort or other support to this release.

The OpenDKIM Project
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