OpenDKIM v2.1.3 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 22:15:56 -0700 (PDT)

The OpenDKIM project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.1.3, now available
for download from SourceForge.

This is a bug fix release, repairing some regressions introduced in the
preivous release when compiling against OpenLDAP or DB v1.x. It also
includes improved support for builds on machines with multiple DB installs,
macro support in miltertest, and several other minor fixes.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version:

2.1.3 2010/07/15
        Fix build when enabling LDAP.
        Fix portability issue with DB 1.x. Patch from Kaspar Brand.
        Fix bug #SF3026261: Don't try to open the statistics database before
                possibly changing userid. Reported by Andreas Schulze.
        Plug a couple of potential but minor memory leaks, avoid some NULL
                dereferences, rewrite some clearly incorrect code, and several
                other fixes found by a code analysis tool, used by courtesy
                of Cloudmark.
        Restore "-P" to the command line as it's convenient for start/stop
        MILTERTEST: Support multiple macro values in mt_macros().
        BUILD: Improved support for BerkeleyDB file locations.

Please use the mailing lists at to report problems.
Bug reports and feature requests can be made through the project trackers,
which can be found via

Thanks go out to the members of the OpenDKIM team and to all of those who
contributed code, testing effort or other support to this release.

The OpenDKIM Project
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