OpenDKIM v2.2.2 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 21:37:25 -0800 (PST)

The OpenDKIM project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.2.2, now available
for download from SourceForge.

This release fixes a number of minor bugs found since v2.2.1 was released.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version:

2.2.2 2010/11/28
        Fix bug #SF2903325: Clean up numerous signed vs. unsigned warnings.
        Fix bug #SF3095782: When VBR is enabled, only perform a query when
                the "md" domain in the VBR-Info header field matches the
                "d" field for any valid signature.
        Fix bug #SF3105993: Better handling of missing records in Lua DB
                lookups. Reported by Luci Stanescu.
        When reading keys, ensure what's being read is a regular file and
                not something else.
        Complain if TrustAnchorFile names something that can't be opened
                for reading.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Don't complain about multiple records returned if one
                of them was an RRSIG. Problem noted by Andreas Schulze.
        LIBAR: Rework some I/O logic to avoid a deadlock when the nameserver
                becomes unresponsive during response processing. Problem
                noted by Gary Mills.
        BUILD: Move all scripts and executables except opendkim to a bin
                directory for adminstrator convenience. They were previously in
                the sbin directory.
        BUILD: Fix bug #SF3101842: Fix opendkim-genzone build when OpenDBX
                is in use.
        BUILD: opendkim-testkey can require SASL build information when used
                with OpenLDAP, or Lua information when built with Lua.
        BUILD: Dissociate libopendkim and libunbound, as this is now handled
                through the application rather than the library.
        BUILD: Convert to using git for source code management.
        STATS: Additional reporting improvements.
        STATS: Fix bug #SF3107659: Add additional diagnostic output to
                opendkim-importstats when malformed input is found.
        TOOLS: Handle input generated with and without the _FFR_STATS_I
                extensions. Problem noted by Graham Murray.

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