OpenDKIM v2.4.3 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 01:42:13 -0800 (PST)

The OpenDKIM project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.4.3, now available
for download from SourceForge.

This is a bug fix release including all non-trivial bugs fixed during the
development of v2.5.0. Upgrading is recommended.

The release of v2.5.0 has been delayed to mid-January, 2012 to allow an
extended Beta cycle.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version:

2.4.3 2011/12/26
        Fix bug #SF3400670: Send ADSP failure reports when rejecting
                a message. Reported by Andreas Schulze.
        Fix bug #SF3419149: Add MaximumSignedBytes to opendkim-config.h.
                Reported by Adam Bernstein.
        Fix bug #SF3441240: Appy ReportBccAddress when generating ADSP
                reports. Reported by Richard Rognlie.
        Fix bug #SF3447199: Fix logic preventing the application of the
                BodyLengthDB. Problem noted by Richard Rognlie.
        Fix Authentication-Results generation with "AddAllSignatureResults"
                enabled. Reported by Todd Nagengast.
        Fix a crash bug when trying to handle certain malformed header fields
                in verify-only mode. Reported by Todd Lyons.
        Improve error checking in the callback provided to libunbound to
                avoid crashes. Problem noted by Todd Lyons.
        Cope with versions of Sleepycat DB that crash when asking for a file
                descriptor for in-memory databases. Problem reported by
                Todd Lyons.
        Don't override "On-NoSignature" when "Quarantine" is set. Reported
                by Jarry Jeremy.
        Ignore header field names that contain semi-colons, as they produce
                syntactically invalid signatures. Problem noted by
                Heikki Gruner.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3465400: Don't use "new" as a parameter name
                in dkim.h since that's an error for C++. Reported by
                Amit Schreiber.
        LIBOPENDKIM: NOERROR is the same as NXDOMAIN for the purposes of
                the ADSP existence check. Problem noted by Todd Nagengast.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Return DKIM_STAT_SYNTAX from dkim_header() if the header
                field name contained a semi-colon.
        LIBAR: After computing a timeout, if the fractional seconds portion
                adds to exactly a second, convert that amount to seconds.
                Previous versions only converted when the fractional portion
                exceeded a second. This led to threads that spin
                indefinitely. Problem noted by Todd Lyons and Gary Mills;
                forensic evidence revealing the problem at long last provided
                by Todd Lyons.
        STATS: Fix a crash bug in opendkim-importstats due to improper handling
                of NULL returns from SQL. Reported by Andreas Schulze.

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