OpenDKIM v2.9.1 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 22:24:04 -0700 (PDT)

The Trusted Domain Project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.9.1, now
available for download from SourceForge.

This is a bug fix and general cleanup release, much of it around packaging
and building for various environments. Upgrade is not required if there
are no bug fixes in here that look familiar to you.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for this version:

2.9.1 2014/03/15
        Feature request #177: Add "LuaOnlySigning" so that only the Lua setup
                script makes signing requests; suppresses automatic application
                of the signing table. Requested by Daniele Orlandi.
        Fix bug #185: odkim.signfor() wasn't processing its arguments
                properly. Reported by Daniele Orlandi.
        Fix bug #199: Fix use of uninitialized buffer when generating
                SMTP response strings due to ADSP rejections. Problem
                noted by Ache.
        Fix infinite loop when mlfi_connect() is called with a hostname
                starting with a "." character. Reported by Philip Guenther.
        Fix loading of refiles when trailing spaces are present in the value.
                Problem noted by Amal Francis.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Only call dkiml_dns_close() if there was a
                dkiml_dns_service handle set by dkiml_dns_init(). Also,
                when closing, reset that handle to NULL.
        LIBOPENDKIM: The various dkim_dns_set_*() functions, when passed a
                NULL function pointer, merely store it, making the
                corresponding function a no-op. Previously, doing
                so restored the default.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Have dkim_sig_getreportinfo() return descriptors
                (if available) regardless of the signer's reporting parameters.
                Problem noted by Wez Furlong.
        BUILD: Fix bug #188: Clean up last remnants of libstrl.
        BUILD: Fix bug #190: Check for HAVE_SUN_LEN in opendkim-db.c.
                Problem noted by Patrick Laimbock.
        BUILD: Fix bug #191: Better minimum version checks for libmemcached.
                Problem noted by Patrick Laimbock.
        BUILD: Fix bug #192: Different test for libevent, from Patrick
        BUILD: Fix bug #193: Don't throw away user-provided compilation
                variables. Problem noted by Quanah Gibson-Mount.
        BUILD: Fix bug #202: Fix pkg-config check for GNUTLS. Reported by
                Dilian Wesselinov Palauzov.
        BUILD: Fix bug #203: opendkim-genzone requires pthreads.
        BUILD: Patch #29: Look for libmilter in lib64. Patch from
                Dilian Wesselinov Palauzov.
        BUILD: Patch #30: Include libdl when linking in Lua. Patch from
                Dilian Wesselinov Palauzov.
        BUILD: Don't throw away user-provided compilation variables.
                Problem noted by Quanah Gibson-Mount.
        BUILD: Rename "--with-mdb" to "--with-lmdb" for consistency
                with that package's naming conventions.
        CONTRIB: Fix bug #184: Update to contrib/systemd/opendkim.service
                from Steve Jenkins.
        MILTERTEST: Add "polite" flag to mt_disconnect().
        TOOLS: Fix bug #187: Increase buffer size for the private key in
                opendkim-testkey. Problem noted by Andreas Schulze.
        TOOLS: Fix opendkim-spam to match the schema found in stats/mkdb.mysql.
                Problem noted by Benny Pedersen.

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