OpenDKIM v2.10.0 and v2.9.3 released

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 23:45:01 -0800 (PST)

The Trusted Domain Project announces availability of OpenDKIM v2.10.0 and
v2.9.3, now available for download from SourceForge.

This is a split release to accommodate requirements of acceptance into
distributions. 2.9.3 contains all bug fixes, while 2.10.0 also contains new
features and other major changes.

2.10.0 is a major release. Upgrade is recommended. Of particular note:
Author Domain Signing Practices (RFC5617) is now officially a "Historic"
protocol, and support for it has been removed.

The full RELEASE_NOTES for these versions:

2.10.0 2014/12/27
        Feature request #182: Remove "AddAllSignatureResults". All signature
                results will now be added via Authentication-Results header
                fields. Requested by Tomki Camp.
        Feature request #180: Rename "LDAPSoftStart" to "SoftStart" and apply
                it to SQL connections as well. Requested by Daniel Kauffman.
        Feature request #179: Add "IgnoreMalformedMail" option.
        Fix bug #183: Discontinue support for ADSP. This removes the
                following configuration file items:
                AddAllSignatureResults LocalADSP
                ADSPAction NoDiscardableMailTo
                ADSPNoSuchDomain On-PolicyError
                BogusPolicy SendADSPReports
                DisableADSP SenderHeaders
                LDAPSoftStart UnprotectedPolicy
        Make "rrvs" and "smime" recognized Authentication-Results methods.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #157: Add dkim_mail_parse_multi().
                Suggested by Alessandro Vesely.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #185: Add dkim_set_dnssec(). Patch
                from Alec Peterson.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #183: Discontinue support for ADSP. This
                means all of the following:
                - the dkim_policy_t type has been removed
                - the DKIM_POLICY_* constants have been removed
                - the DKIM_PRESULT_* constants have been removed
                - passing DKIM_OPTS_SENDERHDRS to dkim_options() now
                  results in an error
                - the DKIM_PSTATE structure has been removed
                - all of the following functions have been removed:
                  dkim_policy(), dkim_policy_dnssec(),
                  dkim_policy_getqueries(), dkim_policy_getreportinfo(),
                  dkim_policy_state_free(), dkim_policy_state_new(),
                  dkim_policy_syntax(), dkim_getpolicystr(),
                  dkim_getpresult(), dkim_getpresultstr(),
                  dkim_set_policy_lookup(), dkim_test_adsp()
        LIBOPENDKIM: DKIM_LIBFLAGS_STRICTHDRS now also confirms syntactical
                validity of the From field before proceeding with a signing or
                verifying operation. Suggested by Wez Furlong.
        CONTRIB: Fix bug #207: Clean up the "stats" directory.
        CONTRIB: Add "repute" directory which could eventually replace the
                PHP implementation. Submitted by Daniel Black.
        CONTRIB: Patches to systemd and init/redhat from Steve Jenkins.

2.9.3 2014/12/27
        Fix bug #177: Plug leaking "result" structures when OpenLDAP is in use.
        Truncate configuration file lines at carriage return.
        Replace overlapping strlcpy() with memmove() in dkim_get_key_file().
                Reported by Daniel J. Luke.
        Patch #32: Re-arrange the execution logic to drop privileges in
                proper order.
        LIBOPENDKIM: dkim_header() is now a lot more strict about the input
                it will accept (see RFC5322 Section 2.2).
        LIBOPENDKIM: Tighten relaxed modes to break on only DKIM-defined
                whitespace characters. Problem noted by Elizabeth Zwicky.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #208: If a signature fails to verify for either
                reason (header hash mismatched or body hash mismatched), set
                DKIM_SIGERROR_BADSIG so that Authentication-Results doesn't
                report a failure with "no signature error".
        TOOLS: Feature request #178: Add "-F" flag to opendkim-genzone so
                records are created with the FQDN. Patch from Andreas Schulze.
        REPUTATION: Handle parameters safely in repute.php. Reported by
                Daniel Black.

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