Re: _FFR_RESIGN in opendkim

From: Daniel Black <>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 18:31:49 +1100

On Thursday 05 November 2009 17:46:13 Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> I think the only part left to be done with respect to this FFR before it
> goes public is that there should be some use of it in the filter itself.
> Any suggestions on how we should go about configuring it? For example,
> should messages with specific envelope recipients (mailing lists, fo
> rexample) be subjected to resigning as configured otherwise in the filter?
> I've no idea how complicated that would be to add yet but that seems like
> a good starting point.

The main application for this is mail forwarders/relays. So I think it could
be used with a "Sign verified|always" to sign where all input signatures that
verified (or always).

Mail lists tend to receive and reinject so we currently can configure the
filter with "SenderHeader Sender".

With this list think you'd need to use -m/M options to sign the list or,
because it doesn't actually break signatures - the 'Sign always' from above
would also work.

I could be missing aspects of the filter config that enable signing.
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