debian testing

From: Daniel Black <>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 23:22:40 +1100

As you can see i've merged the autoimprovments into trunk and fix a few

Outstanding defects:


The last commit I did regarding AC_SEARCH_LIBS(milter) introduced a little
configure uglyness:
checking for milter library and includes... checking for library containing
smfi_register... -lmilter

(but it was needed to make it compile on a lenny machine)


Currently we're checking strongly against libtre-0.8.0 by looking for
tre/tre.h (which is only in the 0.8.0 version. Can we use 0.7.5 as this is the
stable version on lenny?
yes - change check in and source code to use tre/regex.h
no - change the error to explictly mention we require the 0.8.0 version


We almost could make this work on the libmilter-8.13 found in debian etch and
potentially other old stable machines. The only compile time symbol not found
was mfi_setsymlist to do with macro checking. A configure check for this and
subsequent disabling of macro features could increase portability.
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