Re: The next couple of months

From: Daniel Black <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 07:33:07 +1100

On Thursday 03 December 2009 06:06:20 Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> I'm going to have limited availability over the next couple of months for
> personal reasons (nothing major, just starting a family!),
hey congratulations. Enjoy it all.

> The current state of open branches:
> - br-msk-lua -- initial development and testing of the Lua hacks to
> opendkim are done, but require a little documentation about the
> interaction between the basic feature set and the Lua scripts, and I would
> like to write a set of scripts that reproduce the current behaviour of the
> existing functions; miltertest is done and tested, but I really want to
> write a thorough-as-possible battery of opendkim unit tests before
> releasing this code; also, this branch needs a good review before I merge
> it back to the trunk

> - br-msk-doxygen -- currently dormant due to lack of time, but I intend to
> return to it at some point

given its a big change to lots of code comments it could go to trunk after
br-1-2. The doxygen part is minimal. The main part is getting the best out of
the current static pages and the in code doco. If you run out of time I'll
take a look after the 1.2.0 release.

> - br-1-1 -- will be closed when 1.2.0 is released, and br-1-2 will be
> created
> - br-dblack-codecoverage -- Daniel will have to comment on this, but I
> would like to have some library test code coverage data so we can write a
> few more tests to get as close to complete library coverage as possible

now that I know how to do malloc failing tests I can't see any reason for
100%. Bits that we can't write test cases for probably aren't reachable.

> and, eventually, code coverage reports about the opendkim unit tests
should also be pretty easy.

> ...and of open tracker items not already addressed in 1.2.0:
> - bug SF2903325, tons of signed vs. unsigned warnings on Solaris builds
> - not major, just annoying and would be nice to clean them up

I get lots of const/non-const warnings particularly on string functions that
could be cleaned up at the same time. Some are in my async work in progress.
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