OpenDKIM v2.5.0 betas starting

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 00:02:00 -0700 (PDT)

The Beta cycle for OpenDKIM v2.5.0 has now begun. The first version is
available for download from SourceForge now. This Beta period will last
until sometime in November, when the release appears to be stable.

The major features and changes in this release are:

(1) DomainKeys is no longer supported.

(2) Support for samples of both a client and server side of a REPUTE
implementation, which collects spam reports coupled with DKIM signature
data and produces a "SENDS-SPAM" rating for each signing domain, is now
available. This reuses a lot of the infrastructure of the statistics
reporting system, which is no longer needed.

(3) Several bugs have been fixed, including one bug in libar that caused
spinning or apparent deadlocks that had eluded capture for some months.

(4) Updated to match the revised DKIM specification (now a Draft
Standard), RFC6376.

This should be a drop-in replacement for most installations. If you are
currently reporting statistics back to The OpenDKIM Project, your reports
may be rejected or discarded until the receiving software is also updated.
This may take about a week to happen.

Please do not use the SourceForge trackers for reporting bugs or feature
requests about the Beta releases. This sort of communication should be
limited to the opendkim-dev mailing list. Also, future Beta releases will
only be announced on that list.

The complete RELEASE_NOTES for v2.5.0 as of right now is:

2.5.0 2011/11/??
         Feature request #SF3385816: Discontinue DomainKeys support.
         Feature request #SF3393282: Update ARF output per
         Feature request #SF3406814: Add ability to invoke chroot().
                 Requested by Andreas Schulze.
         Add "WeakSyntaxChecks" suppressing some short-circuiting error checks
                 on syntax. Requested by Todd Nagengast.
         Fix bug #SF3400670: Send ADSP failure reports when rejecting a
                 message. Reported by Andreas Schulze.
         Fix bug #SF3419149: Add MaximumSignedBytes to opendkim-config.h.
                 Reported by Adam Bernstein.
         Fix Authentication-Results generation with "AddAllSignatureResults"
                 enabled. Reported by Todd Nagengast.
         Don't override "On-NoSignature" when "Quarantine" is set. Reported
                 by Jarry Jeremy.
         Ignore header field names that contain semi-colons, as they produce
                 syntactically invalid signatures. Problem noted by
                 Heikki Gruner.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3317160: Per RFC4871bis, remove
                 granularity checks.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3385768: Add dkim_privkey_load(),
                 allowing validation of a private key before reaching
                 end-of-message. Requested by Heikki Gruner.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3423226: Copy header field name lists
                 instead of using the caller's copy. Suggested by
                 Heikki Gruner.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Don't report the absence of "c=" as an error, since
                 there is a default.
         LIBOPENDKIM: NOERROR is the same as NXDOMAIN for the purposes of
                 the ADSP existence check. Problem noted by Todd Nagengast.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Add DKIM_SIG_CHECK() macro. Suggested by Heikki
         LIBOPENDKIM: Return DKIM_STAT_SYNTAX from dkim_header() if the header
                 field name contained a semi-colon.
         LIBAR: Fix bug #SF2917856: Rename "ar.h" to "async-resolv.h" since
                 "ar.h" is already in common use.
         LIBAR: After computing a timeout, if the fractional seconds portion
                 adds to exactly a second, convert that amount to seconds.
                 Previous versions only converted when the fractional portion
                 exceeded a second. This led to threads that spin
                 indefinitely. Problem noted by Todd Lyons and Gary Mills;
                 forensic evidence revealing the problem at long last provided
                 by Todd Lyons.
         STATS: Feature request #SF3397903: Drop all support for data needed
                 for the DKIM Implementation Report, as it has been completed.
                 Leave stuff that's useful for reputation R&D.
         STATS: Feature request #SF3402857: Modify opendkim-spam to be able
                 to write update records to statistics files.
         TOOLS: Add opendkim-testmsg, for signing/verifying messages without
                 all the milter code being invoked. Requested by
                 Todd Nagengast.

Thanks for your support!

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