Re: [opendkim-users] Issue with Simple canonicalization

From: SM <>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 11:40:02 -0700

Hi Ted,
At 11:13 04-09-2009, Ted Nichols wrote:
>I am testing a DKIM signing routine and have run into an issue with
>OpenDKIM's verification when the canonicalization is set to simple.
>If Canonicalization is set to relaxed, everything passes, but if I
>set it to simple for either header or body I get a verification
>failure. I am testing against the sendmail DKIM-milter and several
>other 3rd party implementations of DKIM, and all the other
>implementations pass these same messages. Has anyone else seen
>anything similar?

Please capture the header of the message that fails DKIM verification
by setting KeepTemporaryFiles to yes in your opendkim configuration
file and send it to me. Can you describe how you are testing, i.e.
what MTA you are using and how you are DKIM signing the message?

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