OpenDKIM v2.0.0.Beta4 (Eve) available

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 08:31:01 -0800 (PST)

I've posted Beta3 to SourceForge for download. Changes since Beta3:

o Build libopendkim first since miltertest now depends on it for the strl*()
   functions for Linux

o Add build-time check for sun_len member in struct sockaddr_un since Linux
   (and possibly others) doesn't have it

o Allow dkim_sign() to receive either PEM or base64-encoded DER as key
   formats (previously only PEM was accepted); for accomodating
   KeyTables stored in databases

o Fix up build of opendkim-genzone

o Detach opendkim/config.{c,h} from opendkim/opendkim.h

o Relocate global LDAP parameters to opendkim/opendkim-db.c; those parameters
   must now be pushed there before use

o Overhaul dkimf_db_mkldapquery() so it actually does what it's supposed to do

o Catch case where dkimf_db_get() is passed an LDAP query requesting more
   values than there are attributes

o Flesh out opendkim-genzone(8) man page

o Fix up build where Lua is enabled; some non-Lua components include
   opendkim/opendkim.h which contains some Lua references, so this needed
   tidying for the build to work

o Some tidying on the opendkim(8) man page

o Rewrite _FFR_SELECTOR_HEADER code and opendkim.conf(5) man page entry

o Decouple opendkim/util.h from opendkim/opendkim.h
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