RE: Unable to compile openDKIM with domain keys support

From: Sharma, Ashish <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 06:35:31 +0000


Thanks for the reply.

Looks like my dk-milter libdk package is old and does not contain what OpenDKIM 'configure' script requires.

Moreover I could not find libdk package other than this one sourced from DK-milter package.

Can you send me the correct libdk package if you have or any reference to it.

Ashish Sharma

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On Tue, 15 Jun 2010, Sharma, Ashish wrote:
> I am trying to compile OpenDKIM with the following command (for enabling
> Domain keys support):
> ./configure --with-domainkeys=/mnt/eprint/email/DK-Filter/dk-milter-1.0.2/libdk/
> But I get the following error:
> checking for DomainKeys... configure: error: not found at
> /mnt/eprint/email/DK-Filter/dk-milter-1.0.2/libdk/
> Please reply what am I missing?

With that value, the configure script expects to find
/mnt/eprint/email/DK-Filter/dk-milter-1.0.2/libdk/include/dk.h and
/mnt/eprint/email/DK-Filter/dk-milter-1.0.2/libdk/lib/libdk.a. Are both
present on your system?
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