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From: Sharma, Ashish <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 14:38:00 +0000


Thanks for the reply.

Since my postfix is setup for email receiving only, therefore I am using OpenDKIM only for verification of incoming mail only, not for signing.

Is it necessary to run Opendkim in sv mode to enable DomainKeys?

Ashish Sharma

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Hi Ashish,
At 04:30 18-06-10, Sharma, Ashish wrote:
>I am launching my dkim binary by using following command:
>./opendkim -u postfix -p inet:10021_at_localhost -b v -v -l -W

That should be "-bv". You can set all these options through the
opendkim.conf configuration file.

>Attached file contains the response that I got from
>'' from my gmail account.

The response you got from your gmail account does not provide us with
any information. You should do a test by sending a message from the
box where opendkim is running.

>Moreover one more problem:
>Whenever I try to launch opendkim with following command:
>./opendkim -u postfix -p inet:10021_at_localhost -x
>/mnt/eprint/email/OpenDKIM/WithDomainKeys/opendkim.conf -v -l -W
>I get the error message:
>/var/db/dkim/example.private: stat(): No such file or directory

According to your configuration (opendkim.conf), your private key is
in the file /var/db/dkim/example.private. Is there such a file?

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