RE: Is my inbound authentication working or not??

From: Stephen eire <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 03:37:47 +0100

>> In mail.log I'm seeing opendkim report "not authenticated" and
>> spamassassin report T_DKIM_INVALID.
> I can't explain why spamassassin would report an invalid signature, but I
> can tell you that (a) "insecure key" means you enabled DNSSEC support and
> it reported that the key record was not protected by DNSSEC, and (b) "not
> authenticated" means the incoming SMTP connection did not authenticate to
> your SMTP server using SMTP AUTH. The DKIM-specific parts look fine.
Thanks Murray.
I'm using the opendkim from the Ubuntu Lucid repositories at the moment, so I guess they have DNSSEC enabled by default there.
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