simple configs

From: Daniel Black <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 10:37:59 +1000


I've created these two simple config files as sample reference configurations in
the opendkim.

_at_DOMAIN@ expands to the domainname on the build machine. (--with-domainname=
exists for distributors).

I may replace some paths here based on configure values. Personally I'm finding
/etc/opendkim convenient for all keys, scripts, lookup tables etc.

Does having the build system create a key useful? If so where do the results

Is there anything in these examples that you think could be removed? needs to
be added? needs to be changed?

I've put a relaxed/relaxed Canonicalization as I've seen too many breaks on
"simple", particularly headers but occasionally bodies.

Simple verification only setup:

Simple signing sample:
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