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Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 14:39:49 -0700

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> Hi,
> is there any documentation on how to enable statistics? I compiled with
> --enable-stats, but I couldn't find any references on how to enable
> statistics exactly. What is the exact syntax that needs to be used. I
> assume it's something like:
> Statistics /path/to/filename
> but what is the exact syntax and is there anything that can be
> configured regarding what data is gathered etc.?

It's probably best that it's not terribly well-documented right now since it's all going to change in 2.2.0... ;-)

Configure "Statistics" to refer to a Berkeley DB, such as:

        Statistics db:/var/db/opendkim/stats.db

Initialize that database before trying to use it:

        opendkim-stats -i /var/db/opendkim/stats.db

Then restart opendkim and you should see that database begin to grow a little with each message you receive, even unsigned ones.

You can see what information is recorded by checking the man page for opendkim-statistics(8), which is in the opendkim directory. That's also the tool you use to extract data for your own use or for export to us. There's a flag to conceal domain names and IP addresses if you'd rather not share that information. This is done via a one-way hash so that multiple messages from the same domain can be correlated without revealing exactly what they are.

Once you have some data, run:

        opendkim-stats -a -c -m <my-address> <path-to-stats-db>

That will mail me your anonymized data. (Leave off "-a" if you don't mind exposing your mail information.) If the output of that looks OK, we can set it up to send via cron so we get a regular feed of your data and add it to our statistics.

Let me know if you need any more information.

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