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From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:51:05 -0700

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> 1. How often do you want these stats to be submitted? Hourly,
> nightly, weekly, etc.

Your discretion. I'm doing mine hourly but that's just because I'm impatient for data. :-) Some people are doing daily and that's just fine. The only technical argument favouring higher frequencies is that a bad batch means only a small set gets lost.

> 2. I feel like I should be resetting the data after submitting it,
> what say you? Should we add the -r to the commandline? Or does your
> side handle duplicate data submission?

Both are true, but I'd prefer "-r" just in case one duplicate in the bunch causes the whole bunch to be rejected.

We should try one without "-r" just to make sure. Use:

        opendkim-stats -c [-a] -m /path/to/your/db test. ("-a" anonymizes the domain and sending IP address using MD5.) If it looks good, you just add "-r" and change to the submission address, and throw it in cron.

> 3. I have a few more machines to install this on, so will be building
> up more data for you rather quickly.

Outstanding, thanks!
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