OpenDKIM v2.2.0 Beta period starting

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 14:54:10 -0700 (PDT)

We're starting a Beta release period for one month for OpenDKIM v2.2.0.
The first Beta release is now available for download from SourceForge now
in the "Pre-Releases" directory.

Please limit discussion and reporting of issues about the Betas to the
opendkim-dev list, and don't use the SourceForge trackers as this is
unreleased code. This will be the only announcement made on

There are many features added and bugs fixed in this release. See the
RELEASE_NOTES for details. All configurations should be fully
forward-compatible so it should be just a drop-in binary replacement.

Also, the statistics reporting module has been overhauled and in some ways
simplified. The support scripts for the statistics project will probably
evolve somewhat during the Beta period. We're still looking for more
participants, so please email me off-list if you're interested. For those
of you already reporting data, an upgrade will mean you need to change the
way you're reporting. I'll send a message to opendkim-dev about that
shortly. However, with the release of 2.2.0 in about a month, the current
stats reporting system will be fully replaced and the old data discarded.

The current RELEASE_NOTES entry for 2.2.0 is:

2.2.0 2010/10/03
         Feature request #SF2964366: Allow arbitrary data set operations
                 from inside Lua script hooks.
         Feature request #SF2981598: Add "NoHeaderB" and "SingleAuthResult"
                 settings so that only one Authentication-Results header field
                 is added, and reduce its variability. Requested by Gary Mills.
         Feature request #SF3013084: Add "DomainKeysCompat" setting.
         Feature request #SF3017358: Allow a token in the KeyTable that gets
                 replaced with the sender's domain name.
         Feature request #SF3019876: Enable registration and use of generic
                 DNS functions.
         Feature request #SF3021566: Change "ADSPDiscard" to "ADSPAction",
                 allowing selection of what action to take when a message is
                 determined by ADSP to be "discardable".
         Feature request #SF3023232: Allow selection of a signer (for the
                 signature's "i=" tag) when calling odkim.sign() or via an
                 optional second parameter in the SigningTable.
         Feature request #SF3024854: Always log a warning if a key file
                 has unsafe group/other read/write bits set. Further, if the
                 new "RequireSafeKeys" setting is true, refuse to use the data.
         Feature request #SF3030548: Add "DefaultSender".
         Feature request #SF3056571: Extend signer selection in the SigningTable
                 to include a token that will be replaced by the From:
                 domain. Requested by Richard Rognlie.
         Fix bug #SF3004995: Don't apply "SenderHeaders" to the library
                 as that impacts how ADSP works.
         Fix bug #SF3025856: Fix "AllowSHA1Only", which was not working at all.
         Fix bug #SF3037504: Rework database schema and tools to meet revised
                 reporting requirements.
         Fix bug #SF3051536: Allow disabling of reputation queries. Requested
                 by Andreas Schulze.
         Fix bug #SF3058204: Fix numerous possible double-free() incidents in
                 dkimf_config_free(). Reported by Richard Rognlie.
         Fix loop boundary check in dkimf_db_close(). Noted by Richard
         Fix "LocalADSP", which was not working at all.
         Fix some Lua test mode logic and a build issue that prevented
                 "ScreenPolicyScript" from working.
         Ignore "Domain" and "Selector" settings if "KeyTable" is set.
                 Problem noted by Rolf Sonneveld.
         Add "On-PolicyError" to configuration tables. Reported by Richard
         LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3026287: Add dkim_getuser() function.
                 Requested by Ale Vesely.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3051762: Don't error out of dkim_get_key()
                 when in test mode by testing signature-specific features when
                 against dummy data. Problem noted by Andreas Schulze.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Don't build against pthread libraries if not needed.
                 Requested by Ale Vesely.
         LIBOPENDKIM: Add dkim_get_signer(), dkim_policy_state_new() and
         LIBOPENDKIM: Don't assert a "g=" default when processing keys so that
                 statistics reporting can tell whether or not it was originally
         MILTERTEST: Add "-u" option to report resource usage statistics on
         MILTERTEST: Feature request #SF3005002: Enable testing of
                 "unspecified" protocol family connections.
         TOOLS: Feature request #SF3004335: Add support to opendkim-testkey
                 to get configuration file values and validate an entire
         TOOLS: Update opendkim-genkeys script to support
         TOOLS: Flip logic of "-a" flag to opendkim-stats.
         TOOLS: Fix bug #SF3037452: Change owner/group/mode of stats database
                 when resetting it to whatever the replaced file had.
                 Problem noted by Andreas Schulze.
         BUILD: Fix --with-db. Reported by John Wood.
         Activate _FFR_ZTAGS.

Thanks for your participation!

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