RE: Handling mail from mailer daemons

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 12:48:16 -0700

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> The message is sometimes sent with "mailer-daemon" as the
> author. That address is rewritten to include the FQDN; sometimes
> after going through the signing milter. If we know the architecture,
> we already how what rewrite will be applied to the "From:" header
> field and we could catch this case to avoid contradicting the ADSP
> policy of MTA 2.

The issue is actually different. It's not that MTA 2 changes the From: field based on an MTA feature; rather it's the fact that MTA 2 doesn't sign its bounces at all because DSNs are generated internally and thus don't go through the SMTP-side filters. In this case, that means DSNs go out unsigned, possibly in violation of MTA 2's advertised ADSP.

> MTA 1 could also detect that this is an automatic
> response and the ADSP report should not be sent.

Yes, I'm starting to think this is a reasonable feature to add.
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