Re: Why are messages not being signed?

From: Gary Mills <>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 13:33:22 -0500

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 10:47:11AM -0700, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> Can you attach your configuration and, if you have InternalHosts
> set, include the contents of that file or table? Also the command
> line arguments used to start it would be helpful.

Here are the non-default settings:

    <mills_at_setup01:159>$ egrep -v '^#|^$' /etc/mail/opendkim.conf
    KeyFile /etc/dkim/key.private
    LogWhy yes
    NoHeaderB yes
    Selector testing
    SingleAuthResult yes
    Socket inet:8891_at_localhost
    Syslog Yes
    UserID daemon

> Also, set LogWhy to "True", reload/restart, and try sending a
> message that should be signed. The resulting log entries will tell
> you what checks it did.

My test:

    <mills_at_setup01:158>$ mailx
    Subject: Test Message
    This one should say why it's not signed.

The logs are pretty clear now:

    Oct 22 13:21:20 setup01 opendkim[10848]: [ID 858676] o9MILKuK010865: no signing domain match for `testing.UManitoba.CA'
    Oct 22 13:21:20 setup01 opendkim[10848]: [ID 880812] o9MILKuK010865: no signing subdomain match for `testing.UManitoba.CA'
    Oct 22 13:21:20 setup01 opendkim[10848]: [ID 699540 mail.debug] o9MILKuK010865: no signature data

It seems to be attempting a case-sensitive match. That can't be right
for domain names. People can chose any letter case they want for them.

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