Issues with key-table

From: Oleg Smolsky <>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 18:53:24 -0700
Hey there, I've just hit an issue with key-table/signing-table while adding a second domain to opendkim's config.

The following single-domain configuration works:
# Sign for this one domain
KeyFile                 /etc/dkim/keys/
Selector                mail
But the same very thing referenced using tables fails:
# Sign for several domains... argh... does not work..
#SigningTable            refile:/etc/dkim/signing-table
#KeyTable                /etc/dkim/key-table
root_at_mail:/etc/dkim# cat key-table

root_at_mail:/etc/dkim# cat signing-table
*    pbnkey
*           snkey

The multi-domain variant produces the following errors when I attempt to send a message:
Oct 22 22:14:10 mail opendkim[17333]: can't load key from /etc/dkim/keys/ Permission denied
Oct 22 22:14:10 mail opendkim[17333]: 2893A68CC9: error loading key `snkey'

Could someone shed some light on this please? I've tried 2.1.3/Debian64 as well as an older version. The same problem persists. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,
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