Re: Added SMTP-AUTH / TLS now mail doesn't sign

From: SM <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2010 15:44:04 -0800

Hi Steve,
At 15:19 09-11-10, Steve Jenkins wrote:
>I don't know if it's correlated at all or not, but my outgoing mail stopped
>signing today. I'm now getting:
>result = fail
>Details: bad RSA signature
>When I send a test message to Brandon Chekett's test site.
>The only thing I did was add SMTP-AUTH and TLS to the mail server today, to
>allow me to send signed mail from Outlook through the server. But that
>shouldn't have had anything to do with the DKIM keys, right?

SMTP AUTH and/or TLS should not break your DKIM signature.

The message you posted to this mailing list was successfully (DKIM) verified.

At 15:38 09-11-10, Steve Jenkins wrote:
>It gets stranger....
>I sent test messages to 5 places:
>Gmail - fail
> - fail
> - pass
> - pass
> - pass
>Any ideas as to why it would flunk two and pass three? Problem is, the two
>it flunked at the two I trust most. Any chance it's cached the DNS records
>from before I updated them? :)

You are using the same selector and you changed the DNS record. Some
verifiers might be using the "cached" DNS record.

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