sample SigningTable and KeyTable files

From: R.A. Imhoff <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 14:10:37 +0100


would anybody be able to send me a sample of what a valid SigningTable and KeyTable looks like?

This is for Ubuntu 10.04 with Postfix hosting multiple virtual domains, and the goal would be to enable DKIM signing of all outgoing mail from these different domains -- since Postfix doesn't differentiate which virtual host sends out mail with which "From" header, they can all use the same key file.

The downside is that any virtual domain can impersonate a sender on one of the other domains on the same server, but I don't see how to prevent this for mail being sent out from php scripts, even with different key files for each domain, and in any case in the present setup the domains are all administered by the same person.

(In case any of the developers come across this: it would really be a useful addition to the documentation to give some examples ...)

Many thanks in advance!
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