Re: Strange error messages

From: John Coppens <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 13:21:33 -0300

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 07:53:57 -0800
Todd Lyons <> wrote:

> Looking at the message from my server that you sent, it's not the DKIM
> sig that's causing it, it's a message from my Domain Key verification
> daemon. Since that software is old and not maintained any more, I've
> removed it from my sendmail. So you should at least stop getting that
> message.

Hello Todd,

Thanks for the reply - and for the action! (Thanks SM, too)

From what you explain, I think it would be safe to recommend to the
host to stop signing the outgoing mail with DomainKeys, just keep the
DKIM signature?

> However, It's not a configuration error on anybody's part, it's just a
> notice (likely) that the verification of your signature isn't matching
> what's in the email headers. This almost certainly because the
> mailing list software that MIT uses changes one of the signed headers,
> likely the Subject field.

Well, if incorrect or unnecessary messages (or signatures) are
generated, that is, at least, ecologically unjustified ;-)


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