SMF files for opendkim on Solaris

From: Gary Mills <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 08:52:07 -0600

Since others are contributing startup scripts, I thought I should send
mine. Solaris uses SMF manifest and method files instead of init
scripts. I've been installing these in /var/svc/manifest/site and
/lib/svc/method/site respectively. I'll attach both files. They will
need to be modified for use by others. The manifest specifies
dependancies on locally-written services and makes a locally-written
service dependant on the opendkim service. Any FMRI that contains
`/site/' will need to be changed. As well, it runs the method script
as user `daemon' and group `other'. These will likely need to be
changed as well. The method script is simpler. Only the execution
PATH and the configuration file name need to be changed. They are for
opendkim-2.2.2, but I've used them for earlier releases as well.

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