Re: key data is not secure

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:58:20 -0700

> Were you able to test this version of the init.d script on 2.3.0 beta?

Yes, moving to 2.3.0 beta has so far not caused me any issues at all.
The init script still works, and the reload command no longer
terminates the parent process.
Speaking of which, it just occurred to me that you updated the init
script on your blog post but since 2.3.0 hasn't been released yet,
using that reload command will, terminate the parent process and leave
the child process running. It must then be killed because 'service
opendkim stop' has no knowledge of the child process pid. I'm not sure
what should be done about this... perhaps just remove the reload
handler until 2.3 gets released?

Murray, I do not get any indication in the maillog that the config has
been reloaded. Can you add a log message to indicate that?

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