RE: Start/stop scripts (was RE: key data is not secure)

From: Steve Jenkins <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 16:27:04 -0700

> Murray S. Kucherawy said:
> These script contributions are great, but now I'm wondering if we shouldn't
> have one for each system variant. Solaris SMF requires both a script and an
> XML specification, for example; it sounds like Chris and Steve are dealing with
> slight variations among the different Linux distributions, and I think Todd has
> some of his own as well.
> Maybe underneath contrib/ we need a subdirectory for each system, or
> something like that. Any suggestions?

Actually, Chris and I have been making tweaks based on the variations between OpenDKIM 2.2 vs. 2.3, as opposed to any differences among various RedHat flavors. The script I mailed yesterday will work with 2.3 for ANY of the recent Fedora, RHEL, or CentOS.

Having separate subdirs also allows you to include a README file along with each of the init scripts (assuming any of them needed a README to explain deployment)

Or, you could just have a single README that identifies each script, and then users should rely on comments within the scripts themselves regarding usage.

Personally, I'm cool with either approach. I simply prefer consistency overall. Either ALL in one dir, or ALL in separate dirs. I realize the separate subdirs is a bit more messy, but it does provide maximum flexibility moving forward.

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