REALLY nitpicky minor bug in OpenDKIM logging

From: Steve Jenkins <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 10:34:28 -0800

Hey, Murray - this is such a minor issue that I almost hesitate to
bring it up, but my OCD compels me, and I know it's probably an easy
fix. :)

I saw this in my log today:

opendkim[7860]: (unknown-jobid): no signing table match for `'
opendkim[7860]: E1BF715F513: ADSP query: `'
unexpected reply class/type

Notice that the opening apostrophe in each log entry is the
left-slanting kind (I don't remember the ASCII number off-hand), and
the closing one is the standard one. Having them not match is hurting
my OCD eyes. ;)

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