Re: OpenDKIM + dk-milter = Overkill

From: SM <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:58:57 -0800

At 12:15 26-01-11, Andreas Schulze wrote:
>Stop advising newbies in using domainkeys...

The choice whether to support both DKIM and DomainKeys during the
transition to DKIM. That was years ago. Murray already mentioned
that dk-milter is no longer maintained. There are some bugs in it
that have not been fixed.

If people are advised to use DKIM and DomainKeys, they may have to:

  1. Run some old software for DomainKeys

  2. Support signing and verification for two similar technologies

  3. Deal with the incompatibilities between the DKIM and DomainKeys

  4. Remain confused as to whether DomainKeys and DKIM are the same thing

  5. Keep the transition period for a decade or more

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