RE: RHEL / CentOS init script broken in 2.3.0-Beta4?

From: Chris <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 20:26:32 -0700

Hi Steve,
Sounds like it's not seeing (or doesn't have access to) the pid file. Make
sure the pid file path/name are the same in both the init script and

I'm not sure what beta I have of 2.3.0. I looked in the release notes file
in the source dir where I built it, and it says this:

2.3.0 2011/02/21

If I am not mistaken, I believe that date is in the future :)

I'll grab the latest beta and see if it breaks.


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Subject: RHEL / CentOS init script broken in 2.3.0-Beta4?

I'm trying the following init script on CentOS with OpenDKIM
2.3.0-Beta4. I could have sworn this worked OK for me on Beta 1, but
now I'm getting:

# service opendkim status
opendkim dead but subsys locked

Did anything change since Beta1 that might make break the status
check? The restart function is also broken - it will fail to stop the
existing process but then starts a new one (at which point I need to
manually kill the process(es)).


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