RE: no signing table

From: Fabrizio Regalli <>
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 19:12:31 +0100

On Fri, 2011-03-04 at 09:22 -0800, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:

> These are logged for arriving messages. Taking them in turn:
> > Mar 4 16:51:55 server opendkim[22095]: 1F40D4F338: no signing table match for `myuser_at_mydomain'
> This means it looked for 'myuser_at_mydomain' and other variants of it in the SigningTable (if you have one) and didn't find a match, so it's not going to sign the message.

If I don't understand bad this is what I expected: in my SigninTable I
have only my own domains and not "external" domains.

> > Mar 4 16:51:55 server opendkim[22095]: 1F40D4F338: no signature data
> This means the arriving message did not appear to have a signature on it.

Yes, it's ok if the sender does not sign the message.

> > [] not internal
> This means the SMTP client IP address (the one shown) was not in your InternalHosts list, so the mail will not be signed.

and this is also ok, because the shown ip it's not mine.

> > I don't think this is a problem but, just to be sure, could please
> > someone confirm everything is it ok?
> Yes, those are all normal. You can get rid of the "no signing table match" and "not internal" ones if you find them annoying by turning off "LogWhy" in your configuration file. That setting is meant to be on only if you're trying to figure out why mail isn't being signed when you think it should.
Ok. I commented out my LogWhy lines in the configuration file.

> We should consider including the second one in "LogWhy" for some future release, but currently there's no way to turn that one off without turning logging off entirely.
> -MSK

Thanks Murray for your clarification.


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