Re: opendkim getting hardfail with Google

From: Mark Martinec <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 01:10:36 +0100

In absence of the ability to invoke a milter on the sending side,
and instead of trying to equip a signing milter with tricks of
anticipating changes that an MTA will be performing after signing
(some of which are MTA-independent like masquerading, some of which
are very sendmail specific), in my opinion a clean solution is to
dedicate a separate instance of a MTA for mail submission, which
can do mail sanitation, 8-bit to QP encoding, canonicalization of
addresses etc, then feed such mail to a sending MTA, which can safely
invoke a signing milter without fearing of later breaking a signature.

Having a separate MSA (for local and authenticated roaming users)
also makes content filtering easier, firewalling and security policy
cleaner, and facilitates decisions which mail to sign and which to
verify: all mail coming from a dedicated MSA is coming from our
users - as such it is to be signed. All incoming mail arriving
to our MX from elsewhere is inbound, signatures should be verified,
spam checking and other screening performed, ADSP policies enforced,

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