OpenDKIM / Postfix / Solaris 10

From: Nate Swenson <>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2011 00:36:16 -0500

I'm new to the list, but have found Steve Jenkins' tutorial
quite helpful. My implementation is Postfix version 2.8.1 and OpenDKIM
version 2.3.1 in a Solaris 10 whole root zone. I followed the tutorial
as close as possible (with the exception of using dkim for the user and
group instead of opendkim-milt and using mail for the selector name
intead of default). The implementation appears to work fine and postfix
and opendkim start without errors, but when I send a message I get the
following error and the outgoing message is never signed. As you can
see, opendkim is actually terminating after the "Error 0".

Apr 1 00:48:39 aft03-mail2 postfix/smtpd[21970]: [ID 197553]
connect from unknown[]
Apr 1 00:48:49 aft03-mail2 postfix/smtpd[21970]: [ID 197553]
0BE3996F1: client=unknown[], sasl_method=PLAIN,
Apr 1 00:48:49 aft03-mail2 postfix/cleanup[21997]: [ID 197553] 0BE3996F1: message-id=<>
Apr 1 00:48:50 aft03-mail2 postfix/cleanup[21997]: [ID 947731
mail.warning] warning: milter inet: can't read
SMFIC_BODYEOB reply packet header: Error 0
Apr 1 00:48:50 aft03-mail2 opendkim[19249]: [ID 628546 mail.notice]
terminated with signal 11, restarting
Apr 1 00:48:50 aft03-mail2 postfix/smtpd[21970]: [ID 197553]
disconnect from unknown[]
Apr 1 00:48:50 aft03-mail2 postfix/qmgr[20026]: [ID 197553]
0BE3996F1: from=<>, size=642, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 1 00:48:50 aft03-mail2 opendkim[21998]: [ID 482974]
OpenDKIM Filter v2.3.1 starting (args: -x /usr/local/etc/opendkim.conf)
Apr 1 00:48:52 aft03-mail2 postfix/smtp[21999]: [ID 197553]
0BE3996F1: to=<>,[]:25, delay=3.8,
delays=1.5/0.03/0.35/1.9, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK
1301633332 wx12si4615598icb.76)
Apr 1 00:48:52 aft03-mail2 postfix/qmgr[20026]: [ID 197553]
0BE3996F1: removed

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like any additional
information, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'll gladly send
copies of any of my configs (which are modeled almost identically after
the tutorial).

Nate Swenson
Systems Administrator
Received on Fri Apr 01 2011 - 05:36:30 PST

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