From: Nigel Horne <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:48:24 -0400

I haven't tried this with 2.3.2, only 2.3.1 so this may be wrong.

The documentation for dkim_set_final ( seems to me to differ from the implementation in the definition of the first argument.

The documentation has:
DKIM_STAT dkim_set_final(
        DKIM *dkim,
        DKIM_CBSTAT (*func)(DKIM *dkim, DKIM_SIGINFO **sigs, int nsigs));

Whereas the implementation has:

DKIM_STAT dkim_set_final ((DKIM_LIB *libopendkim,
                                     DKIM_CBSTAT (*func)(DKIM *dkim,
                                                         DKIM_SIGINFO **sigs,
                                                         int nsigs)));

Furthermore, the documentation says that DKIM *dkim must come from dkim_verify, yet in it's listed in the Administration section, not the Verifying section. Could dkim not come from dkim_sign?


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