DKIM expert group meeting for Dutch 'comply or explain' list

From: Rolf E. Sonneveld <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 22:05:09 +0200

Dear all,

after some off-list conversation with Dave he suggested I might want to
send this to the list. I apologize in advance if this message does not
apply to you. I also apologize if you get this message twice, when you
are subscribed to both ietf-dkim and the opendkim list.

The Dutch government maintains a list of standards, which can/should be
used by the Dutch government and semi-government, to improve
interoperability. This list is called the 'comply or explain' list: if a
government body has very good reasons to not comply, they can get away
with it, but if they have no good reasons, they have to use the
standards that are on this list in the various area's they apply, to
improve interoperability. To give some examples: ODF is on the list, as
well as IPv6. The complete list can be found at,
unfortunately there is no English version of it, AFAIK. Background
information can be found at
*http://standards*.gov/*standards*_gov/sos_rfi_docs/47_*Netherlands*.pdf. By
some people this list of standards is also seen as a list of standards,
that need some extra support to achieve a critical mass, to solve the
problem of chicken-and-egg that's often a problem in standards acceptance.

Last year in November I submitted DKIM as a candidate for this list.
Now, before it will be accepted for the list 'comply or explain', there
are a number of steps to be taken. One of these steps will be an expert
group meeting in July; in this expert group people from government,
semi-government, industry etc. are present, to give their view about
whether DKIM should or should not be on this list.

Now the committee, that is preparing this expert group meeting, is happy
with gov/semigov and industry participation, but they also want some
technology experts in the expert group meeting (of course, why else
would it be called an expert meeting :-)). Unfortunately the experts
will have to have the Dutch nationality, or at least speak Dutch, I'm
not sure why; it seems to be a matter of rules.

Now my question is: if you're a Dutch member of this list, or you know
someone who is/speaks Dutch and has expertise in the area of DKIM please
let me know. The website with information about the expert meeting can
be found at:

(ignore the deadline of June 8th). If you're interested, send mail to and refer to this mail. Please note: it is
possible that a selection will be made, to achieve a balance in the
expert meeting group between the various parties, or to limit the number
of members of the expert group.

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