Re: Using results of dkim for gmail

From: SM <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 14:03:12 -0700

Hi Steve,
At 13:50 10-08-2011, Steve Fatula wrote:
>So, I want to block (yes, not including, blocking) email clients
>based on some logic, can anyone tell me why this would be flawed....
>My understanding is that gmail ALWAYS signs messages via dkim, as
>does ebay and paypal. In 2008, gmail started blocking ebay and
>paypal messages that did not pass dkim checking. I'd like to do
>something similar. So, is there any flaw if I decide to:

Will the people you communicate with always send their
messages through

You can assume that transaction mail from and are
usually DKIM signed. However, simply rejecting a message because it
could not be DKIM verified can cause non-delivery of valid messages.

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