Re: Opendkim on Linux-Debain with ispCP Omega

From: Subscribe <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 07:24:51 -0400

Hello SM, Morning

On 27/08/2011 9:55 PM, SM wrote:
> Please do not obfuscate information. It makes debugging difficult.
OK, but I am still not too clear on what, however I will work hard to
make my submission clearer.
> The DKIM signature has a timestamp of 21:15:19 PDT. It was received
> by the verifier at 20:13:50 PDT. OpenDKIM in such cases will generate
> the following error:
> dkim=permerror (verification error: signature timestamp in the future)
> Verify the time is correct on the computer where the message is DKIM
> signed.
I live in Canada and my server is in Dallas, Texas so I have the sever
time set to match my time over here because I connect a audio encoder
from here to Dallas but if I have to I will change back to Dallas time.

However, I hope that I am not a pain and taking up too much of your time.

 From the CONFIGURING OPENDKIM in the readme file "opendkim-testkey -d
DOMAIN -s SELECTOR -k" I test: ~# opendkim-testkey -d -s
mail -k /etc/mail/opendkim/keys/ and the result is:
opendkim-testkey: empty key record, but I do have a key in "mail" which
is my chosen selector.

Secondly What should I be looking for if my Authentication Results has
this "dkim=pass (1024-bit key; insecure key);

Many Thanks

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