Signing Table Wildcard?

From: Steve Jenkins <>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 16:36:01 -0700

I've been testing a new OpenDKIM setup on a server, and my
SigningTable looks like this:


If I send mail with that SigningTable, I get:

Aug 28 16:22:35 monkey opendkim[13167]: (unknown-jobid): no signing
table match for ''
Aug 28 16:22:35 monkey opendkim[13167]: 09E1E1570064: no signature data

But if I change the SigningTable to:


and make no other changes, and then restart OpenDKIM, it works:

Aug 28 16:25:36 monkey opendkim[13382]: A3D0B1570064: DKIM-Signature
header added (s=default,

I must have something else set wrong, otherwise this would totally
defeat the purpose of a signing table. I totally have this working
with the * wild card on my personal mail server for a few
different domains. Any ideas?

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