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Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2011 14:39:37 -0400

Looks reasonable, although I don't know why you have an "o=~" in there.
That's not DKIM data.

I am just trying things with the bits and pieces that I pickup along the
line as I investigate.

> There's something wrong with the way the data has been added to your nameserver.
I am not sure that I get this one right --- Would your be referring to
my TrustedHosts file or just point me to the reference section in
> Maybe the format is wrong for the tool you're using, or maybe you haven't told the nameserver to re-read the data file, or maybe the serial number hasn't been increased so it ignored the changes. --------I AM A BIT LOST--------
OK, Clear this up for me please ---- The last I generated the private
and public experiementing with tags as in your Readme:
opendkim-genkey -b 1024-bits -d -D
/etc/mail/opendkim/keys/ -n -s mail so I
might have gotten worng but I have being using deferent example and
getting the same output. Could I be using the wrong thing here?

> Interesting, though, that you get "empty key record" when in fact there's no record at all. That suggests you have data but it's malformed, while for me I get:
O-Boy, its a big learning process for but I will stick at it the same as
when I had to setup Mailman Mailing on the server -- hahaha
There are only to areas outside of the OpenDkim setup that I see have to
be modified: /etc/postfix/ and my DNS zone file I'm I
over-looking another place?

Many Thanks.
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