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I posted this in response to Steve's excellent blog here:

I was hoping someone here might be able to help in case no one saw it there.

Here it goes:

I have everything setup correct, except its not actually signing the
emails and there is nothing related to SIGNING in the log. Startup
info is in the log, but no error or anything when a piece of mail is

I can only think its because I have my domain on another server, would
this be correct? I setup the DNS on the other server with the dkim
key, but do I need to setup a subdomain and point it to the server
with the opendkim on it as well? Or, can I simply have ANY domain be
on the opendkim (even if its not the “sending / from” domain)?

The only other thing I can think, in the event that I can use ANY
domain on the opendkim server and it doesn’t have to be the SENDING
server (from name domain), that it could be because I am testing with
Amazon SES on the command line and it doesn’t necessarily perhaps
properly fill out the return path?

Wish I could get more info from the log file but its just not even
signing anything or giving me any info!

Thanks for any help anyone..
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