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From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 22:57:48 -0700

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> Please see my previous message which had strace output. Also, while
> debugging a php script problem, we found this error which I am not
> sure of - and it also has to do with opendkim - its in maillog ... not
> sure if this is related to what was in strace or not:
> opendkim[12555]: OpenDKIM Filter: Unable to bind to port
> inet:8891_at_localhost: Address already in use
> Sep 25 11:26:38 private opendkim[12555]: OpenDKIM Filter: Unable to
> create listening socket on conn inet:8891_at_localhost
> Sep 25 11:26:38 private opendkim[12555]: smfi_opensocket() failed

This means opendkim failed to start because something else is listening on the same socket you told it to use. That would certainly explain why postfix isn't able to communicate with it, unless what's already using port 8891 is another opendkim. But if something else is on that port, I would expect postfix to complain that it's not able to communicate with the filter properly.

The strace output you used showed the parent starting up, but not the child. The parent exited, which is the end of your output. You also had perl invoked as soon as opendkim's parent exited, which creates a race condition where you might send your test message before the child has fully started operation.

I suggest the following steps:

1) Start opendkim. Ensure it has logged the "starting" line and no errors before continuing.
2) Start strace watching the child process. Use "ps laxww" to figure out which one was the child.
3) Start watching your mail log.
4) Send your test message.
5) When the logs show postfix is done processing the message, stop watching the logs, terminate strace, and send its output.

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