Re: opendkim[31051]: (unknown-jobid): can't determine message sender; accepting - HELP NEEDED

From: SM <>
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 23:49:21 -0700

At 23:40 22-10-2011, OURSERVICES-Rudy wrote:
>I am running Centos 5.7, and opendkim-2.4.2-3.el5 (installed using yum).
>When I'm sending an email from the server itself get signed
>corectly, no problems.
>If I send from LAN (my subnet is listed in InternalHosts) and in
>SigningTable (refile:/path_to_file I have
><mailto:*>* listed) I got the following message:
>opendkim[31051]: (unknown-jobid): can't determine message sender; accepting
>and the emails are not signed (in opendkim.conf "Mode:" is listed "sv")

What does the "From:" header look like?

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