RE: Re : RE: Quarantine Action to "On-*" settings

From: Murray S. Kucherawy <>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 02:11:28 -0700

Looks like a bug, not something you're doing wrong.

Specifically, setting "Quarantine" to "true" forces the "On-" settings for bad signatures, unsigned messages, and arbitrary verification errors to "quarantine". I'll have to fix that, now that the "On-" stuff is so fine-grained.

It'll be fixed in 2.5.0. Thanks for the report!


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Subject: Re : RE: Quarantine Action to "On-*" settings

I am using Postfix as MTA. This Morning, I did new tests:

1/ Quarantine is set to "false" and "On-*" parameters to "quarantine": no mails put in hold. All are delivered.

2/ Quarantine is set to "true", "On-badsignature" to "quarantine" and "On-Nosignature" to "accept": Mails with bad signature are put in hold. Mails with good signature are accepted. Mails without signature are put in hold.

Ok, so, to put mails in quarantine, "Quarantine" parameter must be first set to "true".

But I don't understand why mails without signature are not delivered in this case. If there is no signature, there is no verification ...

Le 22/10/11, "Murray S. Kucherawy" <> a écrit :
Also, do you have "Quarantine" set to "True" in your configuration file?

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Subject: RE: Quarantine Action to "On-*" settings

Which MTA are you using? It has to be one that understands the "quarantine" instruction.

I'll try to reproduce what you're seeing and report back.

From: [] On Behalf Of jarry jeremy
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 3:16 AM
Subject: Quarantine Action to "On-*" settings


I am trying to test the quarantine action for all "On-*" settings but it doesn't work. Here is my configuration of OpenDKIM 2.4.2:

On-BadSignature quarantine
On-DNSError tempfail
On-InternalError tempfail
On-NoSignature accept
On-KeyNotFound quarantine
On-PolicyError quarantine

If the milter detects a bad signature, the mail is accepted instead of putting in quarantine. Same for the "On-*" settings configured with the "quarantine" action.

I have also tried to enable the "quarantine" parameter in configuration file but in this case, all mails (even those with no signature) are put in quarantine.

Sign and Verify Modes works fine (Mails sent from & to Yahoo or Gmail for example are ok).

Thanks for your help !
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