Issues installing/starting opendkim

From: RAM Designs <>
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 09:35:09 -0700

I am trying to install opendkim on a server running RHEL 6. I have followed
the instructions at
by Steve Jenkins closely, but I still can't get opendkim to start.

If I leave a blank line in the opendkim.conf file, I get:
Starting OpenDKIM Milter: opendkim: /etc/opendkim.conf: configuration error
at line 3: unrecognized parameter

If I leave line 39 uncommented (#Umask 002) I get this error:
Starting OpenDKIM Milter: opendkim: /etc/opendkim.conf: configuration error
at line 39: illegal value

Then, if I have no blank lines and comment #Umask 002, I get this error:
: dkimf_db_open(): No such file or directoryndkim.conf:

I have confirmed that TrustedHosts, KeyTable and SigningTable are in place
at /etc/opendkim.

Below are those files. Of course, I changed to

TrustedHosts file
KeyTable file
SigningTable file
KeyTable file
opendkim.conf file
# Attempt to become the specified user before starting operations.
UserID opendkim:opendkim
# Create a socket through which your MTA can communicate.
Socket inet:8891_at_localhost
# Required to use local socket with MTAs that access the socket as a non-
# privileged user (e.g. Postfix)
Umask 002
# This specifies a text file in which to store DKIM transaction statistics.
#Statistics /var/spool/opendkim/stats.dat
# Selects the canonicalization method(s) to be used when signing messages.
Canonicalization relaxed/simple
# Domain(s) whose mail should be signed by this filter. Mail from other 
domains will
# be verified rather than being signed. Uncomment and use your domain name.
# This parameter is not required if a SigningTable is in use.
# Defines the name of the selector to be used when signing messages.
Selector default
# Gives the location of a private key to be used for signing ALL messages.
# KeyFile /etc/opendkim/keys/default.private
# Gives the location of a file mapping key names to signing keys. In simple 
# this tells OpenDKIM where to find your keys. If present, overrides any 
# setting in the configuration file.
KeyTable refile:/etc/opendkim/KeyTable
# Defines a table used to select one or more signatures to apply to a 
message based
# on the address found in the From: header field. In simple terms, this 
# OpenDKIM how to use your keys.
SigningTable refile: /etc/opendkim/SigningTable
# Identifies a set of "external" hosts that may send mail through the server 
as one
# of the signing domains without credentials as such.
ExternalIgnoreList refile:/etc/opendkim/TrustedHosts
# Identifies a set internal hosts whose mail should be signed rather than 
InternalHosts refile:/etc/opendkim/TrustedHosts
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