Re: Looking for a sample script

From: SM <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 00:24:22 -0800

Hi Ram,
At 23:19 16-12-2011, Ram wrote:
>That *is* a simple sample code :-)

According to the Overview document for libopendkim, there are nine
steps for DKIM signing. If it was that simple, the sample code would
be simple. :-) If you do not feed in the message headers and body as
they will appear at the verifier's end, you will end up with invalid
DKIM signatures.

You might come back to this mailing list and point out that
libopendkim is "not working". We will then discuss about whether it
is a bug in:

  (i) libopendkim;
  (ii) your milter;
  (iii) the milter library;
  (iv) or due to chaos theory

To preempt all that, I suggested reading code that works to
understand the considerations OpenDKIM took into account when doing
DKIM signing.

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