Stab.c patch appears to resolve To: Header munging that broke DKIM validation - Was Re: SA DKIM related bug 6462 - Possibly Gmail, Sendmail and/or Thunderbird related?

From: Kevin A. McGrail <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 16:57:43 -0500

>> It might actually be in a reverse logic way. Did you see the post
>> about the FEATURE nocanonify?
> Yes. That has nothing to do with the behaviour you posted.
> Try the patch.

I have tested the stab.c patch on 8.14.5 (attached) you sent on 12/16 on
a production server without the nocanonify feature including testing
both gmail and with manual injection as posted prior. I am happy to
report that I do not see the To: header being changed. I also had
others that have helped me replicate the issue prior send test emails
that successfully passed DKIM from gmail.

Would you like more testing done?

Though, for others looking for a workaround who can't recompile/don't
know how/rely on package maintainers/etc., nocanonify did appear to
resolve the DKIM signature validation issue and did not cause any
real-world problems on a production server for the past month.


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