d2i_PrivateKey_bio() failed

From: Tim Fluhr <timfluhr_at_povertylaw.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 12:43:34 -0500

Hello everyone.

I'm having a couple problems getting opendkim configured properly.

I've followed the instructions located at

When I try to send mail from the command line I get the following errors in
my mail.log

Mar 21 10:53:26 hostname opendkim[1933]: 4C22B1C2A3D: dkim_eom(): resource
unavailable: d2i_PrivateKey_bio() failed

Mar 21 10:53:26 hostname postfix/cleanup[1951]: 4C22B1C2A3D: milter-reject:
END-OF-MESSAGE from localhost[]: 4.7.0 resource unavailable; from=<
test_at_hostname.org> to=<test_at_test.org>

Mail will not send until I stop the opendkim service. Once the service is
stopped mail will send, but will not be signed.

Thanks for the help.

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