OpenDKIM 2.5.1 Crashes On Certain Messages

From: John Merriam <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 23:46:24 -0400

Hello. I am seeing crashes with OpenDKIM 2.5.1 on certain messages. I
don't see anything obviously wrong with the messages.

Here are the logs for one of the messages:

Mar 30 22:30:48 mailscan1 sm-mta[45248]: q2V2Um7D045248:
milter_sys_read(opendkim): cmd read returned 0, expecting 5
Mar 30 22:30:48 mailscan1 sm-mta[45248]: q2V2Um7D045248: Milter
(opendkim): to error state

which is immediately followed by:

Mar 30 22:30:48 mailscan1 opendkim[40400]: terminated with signal 6,
Mar 30 22:30:48 mailscan1 opendkim[45253]: OpenDKIM Filter v2.5.1
starting (args: -x /usr/local/etc/opendkim.conf)

There were no other messages being processed by the server at the time.
  Server is not overloaded.

I have this particular message quarantined (via sendmail -d71.100
option). If sending the quarantined message would help, I can do that.
  If something else would help diagnose it, let me know.

I don't know if this problem is present in earlier versions of OpenDKIM.
  I recently upgraded from dkim-milter 2.8.3 to OpenDKIM 2.5.1.
Everything seems to be fine except this one issue.

The servers that I was running dkim-milter on and now switched to
OpenDKIM aren't huge but they aren't small either. They do process a
good number of messages per hour/day/week. I never had problems with
dkim-milter until it started failing to verify messages with seemingly
valid signatures. That is what prompted the change to OpenDKIM.

There is one strange thing I have noticed. The servers where I am
seeing this problem are running with Mode v (not signing). The server
where I am both signing and verifying has not had this problem yet. May
just be the signing server hasn't encountered one of these problem
messages yet.

Anyway, any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

John Merriam
Received on Sat Mar 31 2012 - 03:46:34 PST

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