Re: OpenDKIM 2.5.1 Crashes On Certain Messages

From: John Merriam <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 09:47:55 -0400

On 03/31/2012 06:07 AM, Murray S. Kucherawy wrote:
> On Sat, 31 Mar 2012, John Merriam wrote:
>> Attached to this message is q2V2Um7D045248.tar.gz In it is a directory
>> q2V2Um7D045248 which contains the sendmail quarantine files and a
>> third file which is a reconstruction of the DATA portion of the
>> message as it was probably presented to my server. The only
>> modifications I made (using Vim) were to the e-mail addresses to
>> protect the (theoretically) innocent.
> I unpacked it and ran it through my own debug build of 2.5.1 with only
> the built-in configuration, and it didn't crash but did report that the
> From: field was unparseable. Indeed, it is:
> From: Gateway
> Next I'd like to run it with your configuration. Can you send me the
> contents of your "local-adsp-rules" file as well?

My local-adsp-rules contains:

It seems we found the bug! Or at least a clue.

Apparently there was a problem with PayPal's signatures around May of
2011 (timestamp on my local-adsp-rules file). Since you brought it up,
I figured I would comment out LocalADSP in my .conf since the PayPal
problem is probably gone by now.

I restarted OpenDKIM after commenting out LocalADSP then figured I would
try sending the message in question back through my server to see if it
made any difference. I figured it wouldn't but guess what, it flows
through OpenDKIM with no problems now...

If I uncomment LocalADSP again it crashes on the message again.

So my problem is probably "fixed" assuming I don't need LocalADSP again
in the near future. I will keep an eye on it to make sure.

But, why in the heck would having LocalADSP enabled cause this to
happen, especially on a message with no signature?!

John Merriam
Received on Sat Mar 31 2012 - 13:48:09 PST

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